31.10. bis 5.11. Ferien-/Familienprogramm HSS

im Bildungszentrum Kloster Banz SPIELERISCH FÖRDERN (1.Klasse bis max. 10 Jahre) KREATIVES SCHREIBEN KANN JEDER! (11 bis 14 Jahre) ICH SCHAFF’S! (11 bis 14 Jahre) FOLGEN LIKEN POSTEN (11 bis 14 Jahre) HANDWERKSZEUG FÜRS EHRENAMT (mind. 15 Jahre ) WENN’S UMS GELD GEHT …! (15 bis 20 Jahre) AFGANISTAN – EINE GESCHICHTE DER KONFLIKTE (mind. 18 Jahre) AFGANISTAN AKTUELL (mind. 18 Jahre) Kinderbetreuung und Seminarübergreifender Vormittag nähere Infos hier



Das Konfuzius-Institut Nürnberg-Erlangen und die Zentrale der Konfuzius-Institute bietet jedes Jahr zweiwöchige Bildungsreisen nach China für deutsche Jugendliche im Alter zwischen 16 und 19 Jahren an. Das Summercamp führt die Schüler in die chinesische Hauptstadt Peking und nach Foshan in die Provinz Guangdong. Weitere Informationen gibt es hier.


TALENT|web, the Newsletter of the European Talent Support Network (in English only)

Welcome to TALENT | web the newsletter of the ETSN Message from the ETSN Council Chairman It is with great pleasure that I deliver the introductory remarks for the first edition of the European Talent Support Network’s newsletter on behalf of its Council members Fuszek Csilla (Secretary), Colm O’Reilly (Treasurer), Mojca Juriševič, and Antonios Apostolou. First and foremost, I would like to thank them for their outstanding commitment to their offices. The tremendous progress that the ETSN has made over the last year would not have been possible without the dedicated contributions of its council members. I would like to highlight some of these accomplishments, starting with the most obvious feat: the launch of TalentWeb, the ETSN newsletter. I am thrilled to have won Antonios Apostolou over, and I wish him success in his new role as TalentWeb Editor. The name “TalentWeb” reflects both an obligation, as well as the maxim of our work: connecting those who have a vested interest in gifted education and talent development, sharing information, initiating cooperation, and creating synergies. When it comes to breathing new life into the talent support lobby, ETSN is – in every regard – a pioneer. Some years ago, Prof. Peter Csermely, incumbent President of the ECHA, had a singular vision to initiate a talent support network that: a) rests on the idea of networks; and b) boasts institutions rather than individuals as its members. Peter’s dream immediately broke new ground, and was instantly lauded a success. Within three years, the network has welcomed 350 institutions from 42 different nations to its ranks, 15 of which rest outside of the European Union. A heartfelt thanks to the Qualification Committee: Chairwoman Lianne Hoogeveen, its Secretary Csilla Fuszek, and its members Christian Fischer; Bronė Narkevičienė, Colm O’Reilly, Ugur Sak, and Margaret Sutherland. And […]

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