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Message from the ETSN Council Chairman

It is with great pleasure that I deliver the introductory remarks for the first edition of the European Talent Support Network’s newsletter on behalf of its Council members Fuszek Csilla (Secretary), Colm O’Reilly (Treasurer), Mojca Juriševič, and Antonios Apostolou. First and foremost, I would like to thank them for their outstanding commitment to their offices. The tremendous progress that the ETSN has made over the last year would not have been possible without the dedicated contributions of its council members. I would like to highlight some of these accomplishments, starting with the most obvious feat: the launch of TalentWeb, the ETSN newsletter. I am thrilled to have won Antonios Apostolou over, and I wish him success in his new role as TalentWeb Editor.

The name “TalentWeb” reflects both an obligation, as well as the maxim of our work: connecting those who have a vested interest in gifted education and talent development, sharing information, initiating cooperation, and creating synergies. When it comes to breathing new life into the talent support lobby, ETSN is – in every regard – a pioneer. Some years ago, Prof. Peter Csermely, incumbent President of the ECHA, had a singular vision to initiate a talent support network that: a) rests on the idea of networks; and b) boasts institutions rather than individuals as its members. Peter’s dream immediately broke new ground, and was instantly lauded a success. Within three years, the network has welcomed 350 institutions from 42 different nations to its ranks, 15 of which rest outside of the European Union. A heartfelt thanks to the Qualification Committee: Chairwoman Lianne Hoogeveen, its Secretary Csilla Fuszek, and its members Christian Fischer; Bronė Narkevičienė, Colm O’Reilly, Ugur Sak, and Margaret Sutherland.

And let’s not forget the efforts behind the successful launch of the 2nd Youth Summit in Budapest, as well as the activation of ETSN registration efforts to be an officially recognized organization, now undertaken in the Netherlands by Lianne Hoogeveen. Looking forward to 2018, I would like to direct your attention to four events, the first of which is a virtual call for contributions to upcoming issues of TalentWeb including:

descriptions of your Talent Centres or Talent Points;

calls for cooperation with other Talent Centres and Talent Points;

the sharing of information and opinions you think are important.

Keep in mind that our network is as alive as its members are active. Secondly, the Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland will be hosting the 16th Annual ECHA Conference on August 2018 (https://echa2018.info/); I hope that you will seize the opportunity to register early – that is, before May 31st, 2018 – and at a reduced rate. Moreover, the Youth Summit and the ETSN General Assembly are slated to take place concurrent to the Dublin conference. For more information on the Youth Platform of the ETSN, please visit: http://youthplatform.etsn.eu/.

I would like to ask all Talent Centres and Talent Points to lend their support to all participating students and alumni. Lastly, I want to remind you that the term of the inaugural ETSN council ends in October 2018. In time, we will formally approach Talent Centres to prepare the next Council vote. If you are interested in actively supporting the ETSN by assuming a post therein, I encourage you to consider running for Council membership.

And with that, I conclude this preliminary address heralding a new era for the ETSN by making way for TalentWeb. A special thanks to the ETSN’s umbrella organization, ECHA, and to its President, Peter Csermely, for his generous support.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Albert Ziegler, Chairman ETSN

Talent | Web

Talent Center in Action: Identification and Work with the Gifted in Education in the Framework of the Talent Center for Research and Promotion of Giftedness at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana (CRSN)

Mojca Juriševič, Head of CRSN at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana

On 21 and 22 September 2017 CRSN held the 2nd International Conference, which was dedicated to networking among institutions and individuals within the European Talent Support Network (ETSN). More than 200 pre-school teachers, elementary and high school teachers, school counsellors, head teachers, high school students, university students and their mentors attended the conference… read more

Talent Point in Focus:

Future Talents Generation – A European Talent Point in Hungary

By Dezső Farkas, FTG Talent Point representative

The Future Talents Generation (FTG) consists of motivated young adults under 30, whose aim is partly to encourage their generation to pursue their dreams, partly to change the attitude of youngsters and partly to take responsibility for their own actions. FTG, a non-profit organization, was founded in June 2015; by now they have more than 120 active members all over the country… read more

Research Echoes:

Systemic Gifted Counselling

Aysu Bobuş (Usak University, Turkey) Catriona Ledwith (Dublin City University, Ireland)

Albert Ziegler (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)

Non-systemic gifted counselling can be loosely defined as providing a gifted child or adult with professional advice on matters of personal, behavioural or learning concern. Systemic gifted counselling, in turn, is considered to be much more effective when the basic unit of counselling is not only the individual, but the individual and the material, the social and the informational environment with which the individual interacts. Together they form a system or as defined by Ziegler & Phillipson (2012), an actiotope.

Why is systemic counselling important in gifted education?… read more



by Balázs Hornyák

E-magazines, which are easily accessible from computers or mobile devices are gaining ground in the past decades. These publications are   extremely popular among young people since they are easy to use and easily accessible with their spectacular graphics, interesting content and popular readings. Lovers of sciences and technology can choose from various exciting themes in the columns of STEM Magazine. This magazine is a monthly electronic publication aimed at talented, motivated students, teachers who tend to update their practices, and parents who are interested… read more

Upcoming Events:

Talent Center Representatives Meeting

February 9th 2018, Budapest

ECHA 2018 Meeting

August 8th-11th, Dublin ETSN General Assembly will take place during the meeting

(date/time to be announced)


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